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Create a special kids cake decoration using our equipment available from our store

If you want to make a great cake or pastry with a special child in your life (daughter, niece, nephew, etc.) and have it almost look as if you bought it from a speciality bakery shop then we can introduce you to  our huge selection of cake baking and cupcake making supplies and equipment to make your pastries beautiful as well as tasty and there is something for everyone.

There are delicate looking cupcake wraps in white, decorated with a rose which seem perfect for a little girl’s tea party and also for girls there are pretty little stars made from sugar in orange, white, purple and many other colors. Add a little fairy dust to a cupcake that is completely edible. Display your daughters cupcakes with a touch of magic with a 3-tier princess cupcake stand – she will love it! Boys are sure to enjoy helping with a 3-tier cupcake stand with a pirate ship theme.

Make a fancy cake meant for young love with a teddy bear holding flowers topper. It’s not edible but it sure is charming. These decorations are pre-made and easy for even kids to add on to a cake or cupcake while baking with mom or grandma. Kids can apply balloon or soccer decals made of edible sugar. Pick out some pirate-themed cupcake holders to make the little guy in your life enjoy making cupcakes even more. To make simple, yet really fun cupcakes or cakes get some cookie cutter shapes in flowers, hearts, and lettering if you want. If you just want to decorate cupcakes with elegantly applied frosting, there are frosting decals in hearts, stars in multiple sizes, ovals and more. Make an extra fancy gingerbread house using frosting, fairy dust, and some of the boards available or pick your own project to do with your child. You’ll have a lot of fun with this and it will even be nice to your pocketbook.