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Cake Decorating Ideas for the Summer

Summertime is the best time to make and decorate a cake. There are numerous cake decorating ideas for holidays, birthdays and special events that are fun to do. An easy idea is a watermelon. Start with a round cake in any flavor. Strawberry works best because it will look like the inside of the watermelon. Ice the entire cake with pink icing, and add a rim of green on the edge. Finish the cake with small black teardrops that will represent the seeds. Make sure the outer edges of the cake are green as well.







Another idea for a summer cake is a rainbow. Prepare a vanilla cake mix, and separate it into five bowls. Add food coloring in the colors of the rainbow to each bowl. Pour the batter into a Bundt pan, one color at a time. Do not mix the colors. When you take the cake out of the oven and cut it, it should look like a rainbow. Water themes are popular in the summer as well. These are great for birthdays. Use a variety of shades of blue when you ice the cake. Add small boats or fishermen to the cake depending on the event. Try to keep the flavors of your cakes light through the summer. Lemon and vanilla are perfect for the hot months. If you are not sure how to decorate a cake, then take a few cake decorating classes at our Leicester cake company. By the end of summer, you are sure to have a better understanding of basic decorating ideas.